Photography Sells!
We take special pride in our photography and will make your home look great!
In todays internet age photography is more important than ever in getting buyers interested in your home. Buyers start their home search online. The internet photos are that huge first impression that generate interest and showings. 
Over the years I have seen amazingly poor photos put out by agents and feel sorry for the home owner because I know the property is not being represented to its fullest. I take great photos. I have also been hired at times to help other agents with their photos.
Here is an example. This is a multi million dollar listing that was on the market for 6 months before I was hired. I took the agents current listing photos and did some editing.
 After my editing
I made the sky blue, took the vehicle off the street, removed the power lines and brightened the colors. Which photo would catch your eye when shopping online?!
Better photography will translate to your bottom line and I love making my listing photos look great.
More before and after photos:
Removed distracting vehicles, made the sky beautiful blue, grass green and removed power lines.
The grass is always green and the sky is always blue when you list with Robert Ade!